My Boy. Sweet Baby Ezra.

I remember that day so well. It had been raining for days. A tropical storm was upon us. The girls had been out of school Thursday, Friday, and we were on the backside of the weekend. I had been in bed since Wednesday. The girls thought I hurt my back and helped papi "take care … Continue reading My Boy. Sweet Baby Ezra.


Written September 11, 2015 ( Freedom (photo credit: I will never forget. I was 19. I had two jobs. I worked for my grandparents construction company and I had just helped my mom and stepdad launch their new business venture. It was 7am on that Friday morning and as I walked into the workplace I … Continue reading Freedom

One Year Later Part 1: Looking (Way) Back

I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. Continually putting off the inevitable. Pushing the words back down as they’ve dared to break the sound barrier and be spoken into existence. Reflect: To think deeply and carefully about something or someone. synonyms: think about, give thought to, consider, give consideration to, review, mull … Continue reading One Year Later Part 1: Looking (Way) Back