Iris Joy {month 1}


A whole 30 days have passed since God decided to bring Iris into the world. I am amazed at his goodness and his promises. For years, Alan and I talked about timing to grow our family beyond the twins and we prayed for a child. We lost 2 and were heartbroken each time. Even still, I knew God was a good God and we moved on from the dream of more kids and embraced the lives we had been given and were living. Then… Surprise! We’re pregnant, and shock! What followed were months of growing, praying, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. I remember so vividly all the pregnancy moments. I loved it all- even the morning sickness… Losing two babies will do that to you. Every day with Iris alive inside of me was a joy and a blessing. Every night she would kick and stretch away for hours inside and while I was uncomfortable nothing could bring me more happiness than to know we would soon meet her. On that final night, I remember those last kicks. I remember laying in the hospital bed so eager to meet our girl. So scared to meet our girl. Overwhelmed with emotion, I wept when it was just Alan and me alone with Iris the first night. Exhaustion and joy co-mingled those first days.

God could not have prepared me for the way my heart would explode for this tiny being he knit together piece by piece inside of me. I have literally spent the last month watching her eyelashes grow longer each day. There are moments, mainly when it is just her and me and I am feeding her that I am simply undone with emotions and the big wet tears fall from my eyes onto her sweet perfect tiny body cradled in my arms. In a world that seems to dole out cruel punishment, Heaven delivered the sweetest gift… and this side of Heaven, she is ours.

She is more than all of our prayers put together. I believe we will look back on this time, on what God has done, and know with everything within that God saved us through Iris. There is so much more of our story to be told, and we’re just getting started, but this sweet child… she is a miracle, and she is a month old and God has a special plan for her life.

Oh these days, how they slip on by. Lord, help us to cherish and remember all of these moments. This love, this joy, these days filled with such grace and reverence. Thank you Jesus for giving us good gifts. Thank you Jesus for Iris Joy.


When the girls were born, I did a monthly video to document our first year with them. It’s one of our favorite things to watch- their month-by-month growth during their first year. So… without further adieu, enjoy Iris’ first month of life with us!


If you want a real throwback, I’ve included Stella and Amelia’s first month as well.

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