I am not a writer.


My first blog post. I am not a writer. I guess that’s important for me to say from the get go. This journey of mine (which really isn’t “mine” if I am being technical) is focused on finding God through the adventures of life. The ups the downs, the detours, the closed roads and off roading adventures. It’s all his.

I used to write a lot, and I had a voice, but in recent years, I’ve felt that voice quieted, stifled. It seemed I didn’t have much to say. On the contrary, the expectations to perform, to get it done, to produce, robbed me of so much joy of life. I was/am wrung dry. Barren. Dry bones.

These expectations that left me empty are largely my own. And this blog is my own personal journey through my soul, heart, and mind as I explore what has led me to the dry desert (figuratively and quite literally). Just as the Lord met Hagar as she wandered in the desert, the one great expectation I have is that the Lord will meet me here in this dry sun scorched land. He sees me and he will meet me. He will restore these dry bones. He will swell my heart and fill my soul with his love for my God, for my family, and for his people. I am most assured of this.

This is my journey for joy and magic and light in the everyday. Its an exploration. I have always lived a transparent life. Not a life out in front dazzling everyone with my eloquence or my charm (I am very much lacking in these areas), but I am the one sitting on the edge of the couch (yours or mine), feet tucked under me with big cup of coffee (or tea), living life as an open book, hoping that as I share life with you and you with me, God might teach me something from you.  My hope and prayer would be that along the way of my journey, these writings- light, hopeful, painful, funny, and most definitely weird, God would speak through it and might choose to use these words to minister to someone in need of hearing them.

But please remember, I am not a writer. These are my humble and very feeble attempts to put thoughts to paper as I delve deep into painful waters. This is my journey.



6 thoughts on “I am not a writer.

  1. I am absolutely certain that as you seek God with all your heart, He will impart His wisdom. He is faithful “when you call to Him to answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”. He has done it for me and will do it for you. I am anxious and excited to hear what He tells you.


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