The Gift to Choose Joy

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An excerpt from my journal- April 13, 2017.

Here I sit. It’s early morning. The sound of the dishwasher is loudly whirring nearby. The click of the A/C box outside clicks on, and I feel the cool air conditioning pour from the vents in the ceiling- central air. A new world before us. This hour before my own little world wakes up is my favorite. It’s all mine. Soak it up, take it in. Gently being remade each morning. That is until I hear little feet gently padding down the stairs and a little person appears who will nuzzle right up next to me and bury herself under my blanket she will press her face against mine and say hi mama. Okay, that might be my favorite part of the mornings too.

Feet padding down stairs and dishwashers whirring. These are far from the usual morning sounds I am accustomed to in the Dominican Republic. My ears are trained for the motorcycles zooming by, honking cars, kids whooping it up on their way to school, exotic birds, roosters, dogs barking (all night long) conversations in foreign languages, continual hammering and banging as a new construction project continues across the street from our home in the DR. But we are not home. We are in the good ol’ US of A. We arrived April 3rd, not knowing when we will return. We have a date in mind, but then again only the Lord truly knows.

This time, I am so uncertain of. And yet, I am certain it is Holy. It is a gift of healing. Something I am deeply committed to. This time is a gift of exploration into our hearts. For me, to go on this journey, I will need a pair of thick rubber boots as I trudge through the black sludge that has built up inside.

More on the black sludge later. For today I choose joy in the gift of this time, this space, his Holy presence. To experience all God would have for our family, dishwashers, central air, stairs, and all.


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