2 Years Later.

I've known this post was coming and it has been by far the hardest to wrap my mind around. The two year mark. I sit here, legs crossed, computer in my lap. The air conditioning blasting my body. It's quiet here. It's cold even. I mean, outside it's 107 degrees, but you'd certainly not know … Continue reading 2 Years Later.



Written September 11, 2015 (www.alanandjackie.blogspot.com) Freedom (photo credit: http://www.wtcnc.org/tag/world-trade-center-building) I will never forget. I was 19. I had two jobs. I worked for my grandparents construction company and I had just helped my mom and stepdad launch their new business venture. It was 7am on that Friday morning and as I walked into the workplace I … Continue reading Freedom