Homeschool Part 3- Choosing a Curriculum

Once we made the decision to homeschool (which was by far the hardest jump to make) choosing a curriculum was super easy. I had a few things I was looking for:

  • Biblical based teaching
  • Format/lesson plans already created
  • Uncomplicated

I know that sounds like a weird list, but I was already overwhelmed with our new decision and had no idea what all the homeschooling terms meant, and I just wanted something I could trust, I could understand, easily teach from and was Biblically sound.

I had two friends who both used Sonlight and one in particular really became a “coach” for me. She talked with me several times about the way Sonlight worked, what a “boxed curriculum” meant, the different philosophies of homeschooling, and how to go about placing an order for everything we needed (and what we didn’t need!). She was invaluable to me during this time and still continues to be a great sounding board and friend as I navigate our first year in teaching. Sonlight became an easy choice for us to make as our main avenue for teaching the majority of subjects to our kids.

Sonlight has a term called “box day” and it’s a super fun day when your curriculum comes and you and your children open your box (think Christmas morning in the Sonlight homeschool world). To be honest, I was so overwhelmed that when my boxes came in July, I just shoved them in the guest room of our rental, but once our decision was made to move back stateside and began setting up our homeschool room I got to experience all that magic and splendor of opening my boxes with the girls and pouring over the guides, the books we would read together, the math, the language arts. Directly after the magic and wonder though, came anxiety and about 100 texts sent to my friend. “How do I read the guide?” “How do I setup my room?” “What kind of desks do I get?” I was clueless, but quickly began figuring out how to run this little homeschool of ours and  Sonlight has made teaching our girls such a wonderful experience!

At the time of writing this, we are starting our 15th week of school and I’ll be sharing a full update in the next post of what we are learning, what the room looks like, and how we have adjusted to this new major change in our lives!

Check out Sonlight and the friend I referenced so much, also happens to have an amazing youtube channel you can check out here. 

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