#thankful thursday- family

As the holidays approach they bring about such a beautiful season, but for many they can bring stress, tension, and sadness.  For me they bring both. I love the holidays and all the magic they usher in, but they also lead me to waters of deep reflection, of mourning over the past- both last year and other years too.

I love thankful Thursday. I love November. And I love the power I have to submit my will, my mind, my thoughts to the Lord and allow him to change my mourning into celebration.

So, for the first Thursday in November I thought it would be appropriate to reflect and give thanks for things, choices, people in our lives.

Moving back to the states after 10 years overseas has been messy. The transition, although as clean as I wanted it to be, hoped it would be, when emotions, lives, and life collide the waters become mirky quickly and my heart still aches.

I am thankful we had a place to land so quickly. I am thankful for the family that have received us so well. I have amazing parents and the girls have the best grandparents who love them and us so well. We hit the aunt and uncle jackpot too. I am so thankful for all the soccer games our family has come to in support of Amelia, and thankful for how they support Stella in horseback riding. Spending an hour on a Saturday morning at the soccer field may seem silly or mundane, but the joy and love it communicates to my daughters communicates it even more so to me. it has made our re-entry less painful.

From “welcome home” signs, to celebrating our dog’s birthday, to soccer games to watching the girls during countless doctor and counseling appointments our family has loved us well and made this world seem a little less foreign for us. Mom, Hank, Dad, Liz, JD, Noelle, Matt, Ashleigh- you all are very special to us.


And here’s another lady I’m pretty grateful for- technically she is family, but to me she has also become a dear friend. She has helped me over the years break strongholds in my personal life connected to health and fitness, she has helped me navigate homeschool and even helped us get into an amazing homeschool group which has given our family much needed community. Our kids love each other dearly, and I am so thankful for the ease in their friendship and the ease Ashlee and I have in our friendship as well.


My heart swells with thankfulness today for those in our lives who are and have helped carry our pain of leaving the DR and loving us so well into this new season.

Forever grateful and thankful for each of you and hold you all dearly in our hearts.



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