when I exhaled

Expanded from my Facebook page: Perez Family on Mission

April 15, 2017. The day after Good Friday. The day before Resurrection Sunday.  The day of waiting.


This wasn’t the best picture I took of us. My selfie game was a little off, but I adore this picture. I think it captures a little bit of surprise which is what this date night was. When my mom asked to have the girls for a sleep over she mentioned we could go on a date night, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling it. It was our first week homeschooling, my first week back at running and the gym and we are wading through unknown territories. I hadn’t showered all day or washed my hair in two days and really all I wanted was a bath, my book and an early night to bed.

But around 6pm something changed in me. This is rare and for sure the Holy Spirit because I am spent by 6pm. Maybe it was that I didn’t want to cook, but whatever the reason I pulled myself together enough to go on our first date night since being back in the states.

Even in the Dominican date nights were rare and honestly since we began this process of restoration and healing, some have been a total bust. Most, I have just been too angry to enjoy it. But last night was different. Last night we shared sushi, laughs, life, experiences, dreams, heartaches, stories… the things I imagine good and healthy marriages are made of. And this morning I felt so whole. Who knew a date night and connection could provide such healing balm to a wounded soul. 

Today over 2000 years ago many waited- on a Saturday. The day after our King was crucified and the day before he would rise resurrected, showing the world he truly was who he said he was. He came to free us. He was and is the healing balm to our wounded souls. He is the answer. He wins. and because of the greatest sacrifice ever made, we get to win too…

This process of restoration has kind of felt like a series of repeated Saturdays and I am waiting. But last night I stopped holding my breath. Last night I exhaled.

And tomorrow we celebrate.


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